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When is Easter celebrated and why?

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When is Easter celebrated and why?

The Easter holiday date changes every year. It varies between 22 March and 25 April because it’s traditionally on the first Sunday after the first full Paschal moon, and always after March 21st which is the change of the season (winter to spring). This because in the old times, the church wanted to keep the celebration related to Passover, whose calendar was based on the lunar and solar cycles.

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more information! →  http://www.christianet.com/holidays/wheniseastercelebrated.htm


Why the egg for easter?


*The egg symbolized the growing possibility of new life. They symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus.

*In the old time they decorated the boiled eggs for the celebration.

*An Anglo-Saxon legend tells how the Saxon goddess Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed it into a hare, so that it could survive the Winter. The hare found it could lay eggs, so it decorated these each Spring and left them as offering to the goddess.

The real meaning of the easter
The easter have two meanings.

  The first is that the encient peoples celebrated the arive of the spring, doing a festival, because before spring there’s the winter,
where nothing grow and the trees aren’t green, so the spring was a thing that is reason for happiness.
The second meaning is, according to Christians, Jesus Christ, the sun of God, died, was crucified, and after three days, he reborn and this fact is for save all the humanity of their sins, and this have to be celebrated.

                                                The chocalate on Easter

In ancient times it was the Easter celebration of the resurrection of  Jesus Christ,In contries they done a normal eggs cooked and decorated in spring feasts, also symbolizes the value of life, rebirth and in contries the real  meaning egg and rabbit will celebrate life, But in lent is prohibited eat meat and eggs for a long, long time, until the people started  to commercialize eggs of chcolate by being a food of the gods… For this to traders started a win money e continious… But eggs, animals to part, Now waht the people real want is a chocolate…

to see a chocalate production of egges:

Q:        Why the rabbit is the simbol of the Easter?

A:        The rabbit is the simbol of Easter because he is the simbol of fertility.

Q:        What Easter have in common with fertility?

A:        Fertility represents rebirth and Easter is the output from winter to spring input which is the most fertile season of the year

Task performed by Intermediate 2 teens students, teacher Vanessa  Koza